Bronx 100

1914 - 2014
Centennial Anniversary of
Bronx County

Bronx Motto: Ne cede malis
"Yield Not To Evil"

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of Bronx County, the 62nd and last county established in New York State. Our county designation gave the Bronx a greater measure of home rule and efficiency in managing local affairs. In this year of celebration we reflect on the many high points in the story of the Bronx. See chronology: The Bronx Historical Society

In addition, we acknowledge the educational contributions of the Bronx, distinguished as the “borough of universities,” and now home to 14 colleges and universities.

Bronx Community College (1957), Hostos Community College (1968), and Lehman College (1968) are the three (3) public colleges in the City University of New York, CUNY, located in the borough.

Our CUNY colleges are proud of their mission in educating thousands of students here in the Bronx. In July, 2013 our CUNY colleges in the Bronx signed an historic pact known as the “Reverse Transfer System.” This pact makes it possible for our community college students to transfer credits earned at Lehman back to their home school. This national best practice has been shown to increase the likelihood of on time graduation. See: Bronx Makes History

We welcome the challenge of teaching future generations of students and helping them reach their potential.